We build experiences for the future

Sublime IT is a digital house based in Copenhagen. We are recognized in creating high-quality digital solutions tailored to the needs of premium brands and enterprise-level organizations.

What we do

We optimize and strengthen your digital presence to increase revenue and conversion rates through custom e-commerce solutions.


We leverage cutting-edge technology to build automated processes and implement technological efficiency to improve performance through our suite of services.


We seamlessly integrate various systems and platforms to enhance workflow and productivity in your company.

Our work
GUBI — Customized B2C universe

We are proud to partner with GUBI, a leading design brand, to custom-develop their first-ever B2C e-Commerce universe. Our solution has enabled GUBI to create an immersive online shopping experience that aligns with its brand values and allows them to sell directly to their customers.

Upholstery — Reimagining the user experience using animations

Our solution for GUBI Upholstery included the strategic use of animations to elevate the user experience. We created custom animations to showcase the different textures, colors, and patterns of each upholstery sample, enabling customers to explore and interact with them in a brand-new explorative way.

Politiken — Pioneering automation

We are thrilled to have helped Politiken, one of Danmark's largest newspapers, revolutionize its workflow and embrace the future of journalism. Our team developed and implemented an innovative automation system connecting digital and analog publications seamlessly.

GRØD — Building a subscription platform

Our team developed a custom subscription platform for GRØD, a popular Danish porridge restaurant chain that enables its customers to manage their subscriptions with a seamless connection to Shopify and Recharge. The goal was to improve the customer experience and minimize the traffic to their support.

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